Introducing your Fire and Rain Survival.

Lots of interesting weather and catastrophes are beginning mount.  Natural emergencies are quite a regular event these days. This is here.  The dangers are real as too many are already aware.  We cannot depend on the local and state-run governments to always be there to rescue us should the need arise. As catastrophes mount and FEMA, RedCross, etc., will be spread so thin that the government and even charities will run thin. We are on our own.


It is my absolute goal that once you've been in my store, you may might discover preparedness supplies you didn't know you needed. I want the men and women who shop with me to have their basics covered but also leave with a little confidence in him or herself during difficult events beyond your control. 


When I was conceiving the concept for my shopify store, I imagined the things I want to have handy should  a calamity come my way.  I am unfortunate enough to live below sea level  in NOLA  now at the mouth of the Mississippi river (source of our local drinking water) and now is going through an "intrusion" of sea water due to droughts north of us in the midwest.


 That's an issue I pray gets resolved but waters are rising.  But it's livable so far. But what would I want if the SHTF tomorrow? Right now, suppose my family and I decide to ride out a level 3 hurricane.  We are concerned in the hypothetical situation about a simple two-day power outage. 


Loss of electricity does not seem an insurmountable event. However, imagine your spouse and potential kids.  How do you, the family guardian help reduce panic and unnecessary hardship?


Prepare. By preparing you will gain some confidence when you know  You Got This.  You will have already prepared for just this emergency when you fell into my one-stop emergency preparedness and survival/tactical supplies.


Well, it is my hope that you will leave feeling Fire and Rain Survival like you have really done the best you can to protect your family.  In spite of the dire warnings about climate change, you gain confidence by facing your fears and standing up and preparing  rather than shying away from the onslaught and surrendering.


When the power goes out during our hypothetical windy, wet outer hurricane bands.  You have a lantern and candles along with a large box of matches with a side on the box to strike, best of all, everyone gets a coal miner light to explore the dark corners and nooks they create within the living room fort  they made.  So far, you're a hero.  Your kids are happily playing "fort" in the living area.  Your beloved looks adoringly at you for having thought of the kids that way.  Encouraging spelunking or fort tag has absolutely prevented panic and stress.

Your refrigerated food is susceptible to the warmth but within the self-chilling cooler you saw at your freezer items and milk will keep cold until the power is restored. 

You hear branches tear loose from the sycamore tree along the perimeter of your property.  You hear the neighbor's dog yelping.  You fear that  Fido might be ensnared in the bramble. Donning your new rain wear, you set towards the farthest corner of your land.  Your trusty flashlight with batteries all easily available from fire and rain survival.  The bulb i illuminates the full situation with Fido.  Poor pup is seemingly is trapped in fallen sycamore branches. 

And lo, you see Fido's eyes reflecting right back at you.  Fido, from what you can surmise seems fine but scared..  He needs to freed and brought home, you decide.  Luckily, at Fire and Rain, you grabbed a fairly formidable tool.  It is serrated on one side and, as you cut away the branches trapping Fido, the rain is coming down hard and it's chilly.  Once Fido is returned to its grateful mom and dad.

Back in your home, the rain persists.  The power has been out at least a day and half by now.  Everyone has low battery warnings on their devices.

 You reach into your emergency supplies right outside the kitchen in the garage.  You reemerge from the garage and from your supplies with a 40,000w power bank and brand new C and micro-usb cords. This is the power bank you "grabbed". 

You didn't expect to actually need a crank radio but you are now be glad to be able to just navigate the roads because you stay informed. The evening and the rain drones on but tomorrow, when the reserve batteries and banks are all depleted, a new panic will arise over the depletion of their device's battery.

You are not the type to give into petty stresses.  You have a contingency.  In addition to a crank radio you picked up to follow the government's movement regarding street openings, etc, you have also grabbed (happy about it now) a solar charged power bank for your supplies.


My name is Mara and I want to inform people that there is a better way to stave off the worst.  I want people to own an axe if they deign to go up into the attic. Without a means to break out, it's a people and pet's.

I'm definitely a doomer in every respct but it is my store's mission to provide one convenient store where necessities regarding inclement weather are all in one store.  I want everybody who exits my store to feel more secure in their preparedness.  


Looking forward to meeting your survival needs,